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Our "Mapmakers Promise"

Minecraft maps are an art form, we understand they can take months of skilled work to create and share with the world. We respect this at StickyPiston, because of this we make a very important promise to every Mapmaker who submits a map to our Free Trials library. It comes in three parts, each as important as the others.

  1. We will NEVER claim ownership of a map and will ALWAYS provide links and credit to original authors and contributors
    (Where that information is publicly available)
  2. We will NEVER provide a direct download link from StickyPiston Free Trials and ALWAYS link back to the original download website
  3. We will NEVER force a player to make a purchase to use our Free Trials service.
    They are completely free and always will be*
*Within our paid services, server owners are able to access the entire map library alongside unlimited versions of modpacks and vanilla Minecraft, but they will never be exclusive to those services and will always be available through our Free Trials.

Minecraft Mapmakers & Free Trials

Our Minecraft Free Trials are a big part of what we do at StickyPiston and we’re happy to have built such a large library of content from talented Minecraft mapmakers. It goes beyond having thousands of maps ready to play any time you want, we have built (and continue to build) a community. Filled with the most amazing creators that the Minecraft mapmaking world has to offer.

For years we’ve grown a small hobby project into the leading Minecraft Free Trials system for people who want to try out server hosting. Aside from the modpacks, vanilla Minecraft and Spigot plugins, we love to share and play maps, minigames and adventures from all over the world.

Our Free Trials are open to anyone, they never cost a penny and best of all, you can come back as often as you like and play as much as you like!

The StickyPiston map team works with individual mapmakers and runs quality and performance tests on every single map we offer. We even make sure you have enough time to complete the entire map during your time on the Free Trials service.*

So if you’re a mapmaker, have a favourite mapmaker, want to play the latest maps or are feeling nostalgic for some classics, check out the StickyPiston Free Trials. Invite your friends with a single click, play whatever you like and never worry about paying a dime, entering personal details or dealing with data limits!

If you’re a mapmaker that wants to share your Minecraft map with us, keep reading for the full information.

If you're not sure what the free trials are, check out this video from OMGChad that explains it perfectly.

*Free Trials for Minecraft maps use a tested system and input from Mapmakers to ensure that the entirety of the map can be played through in one sitting but this can vary. If you find the time is too short or too long for a Minecraft map, please Open a Support Ticket and let us know.

Building Bridges

Every system in the StickyPiston Free Trials is built around community and we want to get to know as many Minecraft Mapmakers as possible.

We already support a large community of Mapmakers in our Discord that we work with, stream with and create with. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business to make sure they have great map launches and events for new releases.

Our Minecraft map team makes sure maps are on the latest version, they’ll also continue to add and expand the map library for as long as the Free Trials are popular.

If you're a Minecraft Mapmaker, we want to be able to know you. Share your story, provide your thought process and creations, and experience the fun of groups of people playing on your maps. If you're new to the world of mapmaking, our community is filled with talented creators that can help offer support.

If you're a veteran, we can provide social media promotion, server testing spaces, event hosting, and better networking with other talented creators. All that needs to be done is to join the Discord and introduce yourself.

What are you waiting for? Everyone deserves to play your maps and we want to help make that happen!

Quality Control

We run a tight ship on the StickyPiston Free Trials and we make sure that every map submission is tested, checked and put through its paces before it joins our growing library. Our dedicated Minecraft map team makes sure that new maps are functioning properly and running smoothly.

If you’ve submitted a map and can see an error in the description, the setup or the thumbnail, get in touch and let us know. Think your map is in the wrong category? Has the wrong Minecraft version? Doesn’t include some important instructions? If you’ve read this far, you know what to do.

Join the Discord! Open a support ticket! Let us know!

Removing your Minecraft Map(s)

If you have read all this, tried the Free Trials and still don’t wish your Minecraft map to be hosted on the website, let us know immediately.
Send a support ticket and we will ALWAYS respect your wishes and remove the map from our library

Get Involved

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