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Mapmaker …What's this site all about, why would I get involved?

Welcome to the Mapmaker corner of StickyPiston!

As part of the services we offer, we love including the opportunity for you and other players to enjoy your maps and creations. To that end, we actively seek out mini-games and adventure maps to add to our growing trials server library.

What started as a small hobby project from the commander in chief eonic has become a big part of what we do at StickyPiston. Proactively seeking out content means that we are always up to date with new creations and Mapmakers for you to discover on our free trials.

The free trials are open to any and all players from around the globe, they require no sign-up, no payments, no max number of trials and no strings attached. Simply pick a map and start the game. You can easily invite your friends and play as many times as you like too.

Still not sure what trials are?
OMGChad can explain it better than anyone. Watch his video below for a look at how it all works.

How we create

Gathering the maps we provide is a process that we have refined over the years and using trusted sites like,, CurseForge and it has become easier to discover new talent and share new creations than ever before.
We always respect a Mapmakers wishes and requests and you can read all about how to get in touch and our “MapMakers Promise” down below.

Here’s how we add maps;

  1. We first head to a trusted website, such as to discover new releases.
  2. After finding a game, all the maps basic information, including who created it, source, any recommendation for play like (players, play-time, difficulty), artwork are entered into our database.
  3. The map is downloaded from source, checked, then combined with our default
  4. A server is spun up to check that the imported map runs and can be play tested without a hitch.
  5. If there are minor problems with the map running on a server, which normally boil down to setting the spawn point, automatically downloading the resource pack, or starting functions.
    We'll then fix them in the level.dat or server configuration.
  6. Once the map has our thumbs up, the creator or map team will be contacted to seek permission to host the map. If we’re already friends with the Mapmakers we’ll share a test address so they can double check the information and map runs to perfection.
  7. At this point the map receives a multiplayer group test, which is a perfect time to have fun, and collecting player feedback.
  8. On test completion and with permission we’ll put the new map live. Within minutes it’s available for everyone to play. We're not shy when it comes to promoting Mapmakers and their maps, just check out our Twitter or Facebook.

You can also suggest and submit maps directly to us, we’re more than happy to host your creations.

Building Bridges

Maps are fun to play but we love to get to know the people behind them too.
We have a public discord with dedicated channels for map making, testing, chatting and hanging out. This is an excellent place for us to get to know who makes the maps and build friendships with creators around the world.

Working with Mapmakers we can ensure that we are providing the best service possible and maintain their maps to the most up to date versions as well as showcasing their newest creations as soon as possible.

Some of the mapmakers we’ve worked with include:

Something that has come to our attention recently is that we have missed first contact with a range of Mapmakers during the setup process.

We’re a small team and sometimes it is very easy to get carried away adding new maps and trying to showcase as many as possible as quickly as possible, and that can lead to miscommunication.

We apologise if your map is available on the trial servers and you haven’t heard from us. Our eagerness to upload and prepare as many maps as possible means that we have neglected to get in touch sooner.

We are currently working through our list of mapmakers and will be contacting each and every one of them as efficiently as possible. In the meantime, if you spot your content on the trial servers and haven’t heard from us, please get in touch with questions or concerns.

You can join the discord or open a support ticket any time.

Our “Mapmakers Promise”

When sharing other peoples work, we like to remain conscious of their efforts and make sure they are receiving the thanks and credit they deserve. To that end we also make sure that Mapmakers info is as up to date as possible. Using the original sites to gather information and credit them correctly.

This also means we will never provide a direct download link from our site. We encourage players to follow the source links back to the original pages so they can chat and stay up to date with the maps creators where they originally posted.

When it comes to paid services, we do provide maps as part of our one-click installer alongside hundreds of mod-packs, spigot installs and vanilla instances.

We never promote or force a player to buy a server to continue enjoying a map and all our server owners have full access to every aspect of our library (maps included).

We’ve found that this helps to promote the maps and let people re-play their favourites as well as enjoying maps at their own pace and try as many as they like alongside modpacks, snapshots and other plugins.

You can read our full terms here

What can you do?

If you are a Mapmaker, you can contact us either through support or Discord to discuss your maps.
Whether we have your content in our library already or not, we’re happy to help anyone with map making, getting maps added or removed, updating information and anything else that needs doing.

If you would like your maps removed from either the free trials, as an option in the one-click installer or both, we are happy to comply. You will need to open a support ticket in this case as it is the only guaranteed way that staff will see it and be able to react in a prompt manner.

If you have content on our free trials and it is out of date, has the wrong information or isn’t credited correctly, you can also get in touch with us to provide the updated information or files so that we can provide them to your fans correctly.

And finally, if you are a mapmaker with upcoming releases or a steady stream of maps under your belt and you want to see them on the free trials for people to play, then please do get in touch and we are happy to take a look and add your creations to our system.

What’s next?

We have ongoing plans to increase, improve and enhance the free trials and maps library in time including more control for the map creators to update and edit their creations as and when they need to.

If you want to get in touch with other mapmakers, talk to the creators of your favourite packs or chat with the community, the discord is the best place to go. It has hundreds of members and the free trials will allow you to start a “maps” server within seconds and share the connection info to get a group together any time.

If you’re still not sure what its all about then go and play a trial. Check out your maps, other mapmakers work and more in minutes. Just head to this page, start a server, load Minecraft and you’re ready to go!

And if you finish the map and want more, pick another and play that too. We have no restrictions on our trials so you really can just play through everything you want!

Stay Crafty,

StickyPiston Team.

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