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Minecraft Map Submissions

Sticky Notes (Read this first)

We love to receive maps from the community but a few things should be noted.

  • Maps will be processed, on average, within seven days of their submission.
  • Please do not send a map multiple times.
  • You will receive confirmation when we receive your email.
  • Ensure that your details are correct, most importantly, your email address.
  • You will receive confirmation when your map is available on the trials website.
  • If any issues arise in processing your map, you will receive an email with details.

How to Submit Your Map

All map submissions are moderated and tested before they go live on the site. Every effort is made to make sure that your map is available as quickly as possible and have been tested to make sure that our thousands of players can enjoy your creations without issue.

Not all maps that are submitted will be approved for the site but you can increase your chances by making sure you fill out the form as clearly and accurately as possible.

You can request to update, remove or edit your map at any time by opening a support ticket on our main website.

Map Requirements

There are a few requirements that you must meet if you want to submit a map.

  • You must be the map creator (Or member of the mapteam).
  • The map must be “complete” and playable for all on a server.
  • A thumbnail image must be provided for your map.
  • We recommend a thumbnail and three screenshots to show it off fully.
  • A good description is preferable, blank descriptions will not be approved.
  • Remember first impressions count, these are the first things a player sees …Show off your map!
  • Resource packs and textures for the map must be included in the world folder as a
  • You must have the texture creators permission to use their files.
  • You must not have used any forge mods in the maps creation.
  • Spigot is optional and plugins can be used in map creation.
  • Make sure that there are correct player spawn points in place for a server (use /setworldspawn).
  • Make sure the map is in the correct gamemode.

StickyPiston Trials

We like to ensure that all maps on our trials site have an opportunity to shine and may make small adjustments so that your map gets the attention and players it deserves. This means we may adjust the grammar, spelling and other elements of the map description. Your map will be rehosted on our servers meaning you will not be able to track the map downloads or times played.

You can contact us any time to request any changes you like by opening a support ticket.

On behalf of all of us at StickyPiston, I am happy that you are taking the time to submit your map and allow thousands of players around the world to enjoy it on the trials website.

Creating a Minecraft map takes a lot of work and I appreciate the effort you have put into building and sharing it with the community.

Stay Crafty,

StickyPiston Team.

By submitting this form you agree to our terms

More in detail on our Mapmakers Promise page.

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