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Minecraft Map Submissions

So you have a Minecraft map to share and want to have it hosted through the StickyPiston Free Trials? Have a read through the requirements below and fill out our submission form and we’re happy to take a look at your creation!

The Golden Rules (Map Requirements)

  1. You MUST be the original map author or a member of their maps team
  2. The map MUST be complete and playable
  3. An image/thumbnail MUST be provided for the map
  4. A good description MUST be included. We need to know what the map is
  5. Resource packs, textures and datapacks MUST be included in the map links
  6. Special instructions or requirements MUST be clearly stated


  • If we receive a map submission that does not follow these requirements, your map will not be tested or added to the Free Trials library until they are met.
  • We will attempt to work with you to get your map ready for testing but the responsibility is with you to meet these requirements.
  • In cases where you are not the map author, your submission will be denied but we will attempt to contact the author directly and have the map added to the Free Trials with their consent.

The StickyPiston Maps Team

We make sure that all the maps on our Free Trials have the opportunity to be noticed and played. This means that the StickyPiston maps team may adjust or alter elements of the map description, grammar or spelling to make sure it is exactly right. We may also replace the thumbnail with a custom made one featuring the elements of your map through a screenshot or menu screen with custom fonts.

If you see something in your map description, settings or thumbnail that isn’t right, LET US KNOW! We are always happy to meet your standards. These are your maps after all!

On behalf of all of us at StickyPiston, I am happy that you are taking the time to submit your map and allow thousands of players around the world to enjoy it on the trials website. Creating a Minecraft map takes a lot of work and I appreciate the effort you have put into building and sharing it with the community.

- eonic (Director | StickyPiston Hosting)

Map Submission Form

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